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Giannis Parios was born in the year 1946 in a Greek island called 'PAROS'. He names this island as the best 

place of the world, since his  love to that island his changed his name from Barthakuris to  'Parios' .Parios was the last 

child of a five children family, he left  from the  island he was born to Athens  as soon as he was graduated from high 

school in order to have his universitiy education on health.He  wanted to work part time while he was going to 

the universitity so he worked as a recepsionist in the hotel Saronis which was placed  opposite to best Greek club

  Neraida.At this period Giannis Bogiacis and Tseni Banou was singing at that night club with the most popular  

conductor Kostas Kabalas, And the conductor was staying in the hotel which Parios was working.Parios found there the 

chance of  introducing to that great music conductor and started having music education in his music school.



The great romantic love songs performer had a poor youth , so that he had to go by walking to one of his important meetings with the 


period  popular musician Katsaros since he had no money. He introduced with Pithagoras and Kaldaras the most popular composer and 


lyrics of the period in the Greek Music.These people  helped Parios in his first steps in his music carrier.



After his army responsibility  he started singing in 'Plaka' (Greece's most popular entertainmant center with hunderds of taverns in it )


with  25 Greek Drachmes for a night. This followed with the taverns 'Tabania' and 'Neraida'Parios than started to produce his music on 


singles  ,his first products were  'Tis Miras To Pehnidi' , 'Petrobolousa Tin Zoimou' , 'Rakos' , 'Me Sinhoris Kardoulamou' and 'Dio Agapes'


 were some of his samples.During this carrier upgrate he was married with Ntina  Markopoulou in 1972 and has his first son Haris which


 he is now a performer in Greek Music too . 




Giannis Parios was going to the top of the Greek entertainmant world in 1974 ,he sang at the most famous Thesaloniki Night Club 'Dilina' 


with the George Dalaras and Haris Alexiou. In 1976 he had his first great music record success in his music carrier.Giannis Parios sang 


the  song of Alain Barriere , 'Tu ten vas' in Greek as 'Tora Pia' in that year and the album that was called as 'Tora Pia' introduce Giannis 


Parios  as the best seller Greek singer to Greece with sales of 240.000 L.P.s.




The song 'Tora Pia' was the first popular song in Greek Music history coming out of Greece as a cover sang in Greek.


After this  album's success Parios became an international music performer , his fame went out of Greece from Australia to Canada .His 


concerts were full and his records had saled thousands.



The Album List :

1971   Giannis Parios

1972   Ti Thelis Na Kano

1974   Pou Tha Pagi Pou

1975   Erhonde Stigmes

1976   Tora Pia

1977   Mi Fevgis Mi

1978   Na Giati Sagapisa

1979   Thame Thimithis

1980   Se Hriazome

1981   Ena Gramma

1982   Ta Nisiotika

1983   Otan Bradiazi

1984   Pio Kali I Monaxia

1985   Ego Ki Esi

1986   Xarhakos – Parios

1987   Ola Gia Ton Erota

1987   I Megaliteres Epitihiestou

1988   Pistos

1988   Ta Erotika Tou 50

1989   I Parastasi Arhizi

1989   San Trelo Fortigo

1990   Ki Ego Mazisou

1991   Epithesi Agapis

1992   Epafi

1993   Ta Nisiotika 2

1994   Panda Erotevmenos

1994   Bios Erotikos

1995   Parea Me Ton Hari

1996   I Monaxia Mes Ap’ta Matiamou

1997   Tipsis

1998   Tosa Gramata

1999   Dose Mou Ligaki Ourano

2001   O Erotikos Theodorakis

2001   Ali Mia Fora

2002   32 Megales Epitihies

2002   Me Barka Gianapas Apenandi

2003   To Kalo Pou Sou Thelo

2003    Mia Sinithizmeni Mera